Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Saturday morning the Mundy family joined us for the Easter Egg Hunt at Harvey Air Field. It was not raining but it was very wet. We all had our boots on, Isabelle and Baker with their Easter baskets and Abby and Brady warm and comfortable in the double stroller. The hunts were divided by age groups. Baker & Isabelle fell into the 3 and and under category. "On your mark get set go!" Isabelle just stood there and said "Baker? Baker?" She had no interest in picking up plastic eggs and putting them in her basket. Daddy helped her gather a few while Brent and Baker managed to make it a bit further into the field. After the hunt we watched the Easter parade through town. We found a good spot and watched the Panther band and various tractors and shop owners throw candy to the crowd. The frightening part came when the SeaFair pirates sailed down the street in Moby Dick. Several of them walked alongside the ship scraping their swords "Arrye"! I remembered from last year how loud the cannon sounded when it went off and in anticipation I covered my ears and Abby's. Toby and Isabelle were watching as the jug full of sparkled fire crackers was kicked towards them. Is this safe? BOOOOM!! Everyone shook and babies started crying. Toby had to take Isabelle away because she was frightened. Abby had no idea. I think I was more afraid than she was. The rest of the day consisted of dying eggs and getting ready for dinner up at Nana & Papa Davis's house. The girls had a lot of fun with their aunts, uncles and cousins.
Sunday--Happy Easter! Abby enjoyed looking at her chocoatle bunny "Hopper" while Isabelle enjoyed her new crayons, eggs filled with jelly beans and her chocolate bunny "Flopper" too. After Eggs Benedict Daddy took Isabelle outside to find the eggs the Easter bunny had left. That afternoon we celebrated Easter with the Weller family over at Aunt Debbie & Uncle Jeff's house. She enjoyed seeing their bunny Moose and two kitties Max & Bandit. Thank you for the wonderful food, candy and Easter baskets filled with goodies. The ride home was a bit intense with the heavy rain but we made it home safely. After baths the girls opened up their gifts from Grandma & Grandpa Weller--new spring outfits and a fun book!

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