Monday, May 4, 2009

Well Check Appointments

I took the day of on April 24th to take the girls to the pediatrician. I was very anxious and I hoped the girls wouldn't be crying after their shots. It was one thing going with Isabelle but having Abigail made me a bit nervous. We arrived 15 mintues early which was good but they weren't able to see us early. As soon as Isabelle saw the door to the doctor's office she stopped and started to walk backwards. I was surprised she recognized where we were.
All in all the appointment went well. Isabelle was a very brave big sister and Abigail was a perfect patient. I was so happy and proud of them.

Here are the statistics.
Isabelle Katherine
23 months

Length: 36 1/2 inches (97%)
Weight: 30 lbs 4 oz (89%)
Head Circumference: 19 1/2 inches (94%)
Her next visit will be at 3 years!
Our next milestone--potty training & weaning her of the Pas (pacifier).

*Dr. Cumming's (doctor) comment "She has a very advanced vocabulary and speaks very well. I can understand everything she is saying."
A few favorites right now: Winnie the Pooh, digging in the garden, playing with her buckets and water outside, smiling with all of her teeth, helping Mom make dinner, building forts with Dad, waking up a wee bit early to lay in bed with Mom & Dad, helping with Abigial, talking to Siber & Berkeley, putting on her rubber boots, saying "Bless you Mommy" after Mommy sneezes. She's afraid of bugs and wants nothing to do with them--and washing her hair. She doesn't like water in her face.

Abigail Elise
7 months
Length: 28 1/8 inches (95%)
Weight: 19 lbs 8 oz (90%)
Head circumference: 17 1/4 inches (74%)
Our next visit will be at 9 months (no shots)!
Our current mission: Adding more solid foods to her diet, crawling.

A few favorites right now: Abby loves to smile and takes incredible pictures. She's rolling, pushing herself up and moving her legs but has not yet put everything together. She loves making Isabelle laugh and loves interacting with her sister. She too is enjoying Winnie the Pooh. Abigail still loves her bottle but is enjoying bananas, sweet potatoes, prunes, apricots and applesauce--we're still working on green beans and peas. As you can see from this picture Abigail's hair has stayed long but is almost blonde. She also loves watching Siber & Berkeley cross the room and if they're lucky enough pull their hair. Abby loves to grab and pinch everything--ouch!

How quickly they grow!

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