Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Festival of Pumpkins in our home of Snohomish!

This is the month our town comes alive! We have several pumpkin patches and corn mazes. Our two favorites are Craven Farms and Stocker Farms. We have a bit of a connection with Stocker Farms as a few years ago I worked one summer before Isabelle was born at Stocker Farms market and the pumpkin patch in October while Toby drove the hay ride and was in charge of the pumpkin cannon during October. The Stocker Family is an amazing family of loyalty, hard work and love.
This past weekend we toured Stocker Farms and looked at all of the beautiful pumpkins and squash. Tonight is our 4 year Anniversary (wedding was located at Lord Hill Farms with pumpkins and caramel apples) and for dinner we had spaghetti squash with turkey herb meatballs and steamed beets. It was delicious.
How quickly life can change in 4 years but we wouldn't change a thing!

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  1. What a beautiful fall day. The girls like they're having such a great time. I love that you're creating these special memories with them. The house looks awesome, by the way! xoxo