Friday, February 25, 2011

Pizza Night

One of our favorite nights is Friday Night Pizza Night!  We normally pick up a u-bake pizza from our local pizzeria but we've also been known to bake and even barbecue pizza.  We love pizza!  At least Toby and I do and I hope we'll pass this on to Isabelle and Abigail.  Since it's cold and it doesn't make sense to barbecue last Friday I picked up already made pizza dough, pepperoni, Mozzarella cheese, Canadian bacon, arugula and pizza sauce from Trader Joe's.

I floured the cutting board and had each girl roll out their own mini pizza.

Isabelle was so good rolling out her own dough.
And adding sauce with the brush!

Abigail loved getting her hands dirty!

And adding the pizza sauce.
And lots of cheese!

Toby and I love pizza with pepperoni, Crimini mushrooms, red onions, cheese and arugula.

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